ARTWalk   Alive!  Arts Festival

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Aerial, Birdseye view of the festival.

Here are several images I took at the ARTWalk Alive! event. The panorama is produced by stitching up to 6 images together into one.  At 180 degrees of view in a couple of the images with the very wide angle lens, there is some distortion that adds to the effect. Because there are several exposures made, you may note that people can be seen more than one time in the pan photos. I also include several standard shots with a birdseye view.

Prints of these images are on display at Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue.

Panorama Number 1

Panorama Number 2


Panorama Number 3


Panorma Number 4


Here are four "regular" shots.

All images copyright 2006 Sheridan Vincent. I have given ARTWalk license to use the images in their promotions.