Sales Success: Garrett Chapel – Summer


This 36×86-inch canvas is ready to be delivered — destined for a lobby and reception desk at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Vineyard Inn & Suites, 142 Lake Street, Penn Yan, NY. The client selected the summer scene to better fit their décor, I also have it with a nearly identical composition with a fall scene. The photo is of Garrett Chapel on Keuka Lake. Many thanks to Daniel Crozet who was my tour guide and suggested the location. Ideal for a panorama, I wanted to be able to include Keuka Lake for the setting. The high contrast lighting was a bit tricky, but I think I got it all balanced OK showing a beautiful sunny day at the Finger Lakes.


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Photo Premiere: Island Cottage Pond at Sunset

Vincent-IslandCottagePondI just finished reworking this photo for another potential mural project — taken last year. Checking with Google Maps, it is identified as Island Cottage Pond in Greece. It is located between Island Cottage Road and 390 where it ends at the Parkway.

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Photo Premiere: Shadows on the Boardwalk

Vincent-Shadows-on-BoardwalkI just sent this off to be printed for the August exhibit at Image City. Taken: Summer Solstice 2014, Ontario Beach Park, 360 degree panorama, Title: “Shadows on the Boardwalk”.

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Panorama in the Democrat and Chronicle

Vincent-CornHillLandingI have shot panoramas from this vantage point a number of times, but caught “just right” conditions a couple of weeks ago – perfect reflections on the calm Genesee River of Corn Hill Landing and the Frederick Douglass – Susan B. Anthony Bridge with the waning sun. It was chosen today for the panoramic photo in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle newspaper. It is a crop of the full width that is even wider that I posted on FB a couple of weeks ago.


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Sales Success: White Oak: Letchworth State Park

Vincent-Sale-WhiteOak-LetchworthOne of my projects for the weekend will be to deliver this large canvas photo to its new home at a residence in Webster. Part of an under the trees series, the photo, “White Oak: Letchworth Park”, measures 36×72-inches. The careful choice by the client of a cherry wood float frame compliments the colors of the photo perfectly. The sale is through Image City Photography Gallery.

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Participation in Dream Day at Mount Morris

This coming Saturday, June 28 is “Photographer’s Dream Day” at the Mt. Morris Dam and Visitors Center and sponsored by the Canyon Camera Club and The Corps of Engineers. Should be a fun day for photographers and family with events and two seminars. Events start at 9am.  Gordon P. Brown who has long instructed photography around the country will have a photo seminar at 10:30 titled “Photographic Seeing: An Approach to Maximizing Your Creative Message – A beginning-to-intermediate program on a systematic creative approach to making expressive photographs more easily.” At 2:00 I will lead a discussion titled “Is HDR Necessary? and Other Questions” – This intermediate to advanced program reviews advances in capabilities that are now available to produce photographic prints that were only in photographer’s dreams not so long ago.” Photography opportunities during nature hikes, people in costumes, birds of prey will all add to a fun and casual day of photography. Here is a link to the poster for the event with full details .


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Sales Success: Office in Linden Oaks


A quick photo of the installation this morning with another relatively large project completed. Jason Campbell installed six 36×36-inch canvas photos with float frames at an office in Linden Oaks. I was a bit surprised when the client asked for square perspective, but judicious cropping of my panoramic photos turned out well. Dan Neuberger, long an advocate of square perspective, will enjoy, I am sure. Installations are fun seeing the enjoyment of the office folks watching and commenting!


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Panorama Selected for Democrat & Chronicle Masthead


Sunrise at Rochester’s Viet Nam War Memorial was selected by the Democrat and Chronicle for today’s panorama masthead photo. I took it about a month ago when the magnolias were blooming. There is probably no other memorial for that war anywhere else that is more beautiful and moving than this what we have here in Rochester. This is a 360 degree view.

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Sales Success: Triptych of “Rochester Skyline”


Completing a project of client selection and manufacture underway for a couple of months, today Jason of Frameworks of Rochester at Genesee Surgical Associates at Linden Oaks. They were looking for a featured photo for the wall behind the reception desk at the office. The metallic inkjet print is face-mounted to acrylic and the three sections total 36×108-inches. The image resolution is great, like looking through a window. The panorama was taken during the International Canal Conference held here in Rochester in September 2010. 
We installed a total of eight photos at the office. The sale was through Image City Photography Gallery.
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Photo Premiere: “Rochester’s Delight 2014″


I first shot the Frederick Douglass – Susan B. Anthony Bridge from this vantage point a few days after they first turned on the bridge lights in June 2007 calling it “Rochester’s Delight.” It has been shot by many now from many angles. It seemed about time for me to again rework it with current camera and processing capabilities. I guess I’ll call it “Rochester’s Delight 2014″ It looks great either as a canvas or as a face-mounted acrylic.

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Photo Premiere: This Year’s version of the Pansy Bed at Highland Park

Vincent-Highland-Park-PansysI was up early today to get more sunrise shots at the Viet Nam War Memorial near Highland Park and then spent a couple hours in the park. It has faired well from the trampling of the Lilac Festival and there are still some good lilac bushes with blossoms. The pansy bed looks great — they sure did a creative work with it this year. I know it has been shot by many, but perhaps this “robin’s view” will be of interest. I cloned away my shadow; the pan is about 200 degrees. The Katsura tree that I have been posting is the tall dark green tree on the right side

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Sales Success: Large Face-Mounted Acylic Photo


The third style of presentation for the large photographs installed at Hiscock and Barclay LLP is where the metallic inkjet paper is laminated to a 1/4-in plexiglass and mounting frame is attached to the back. The metallic paper really pops with detail and color and the mount has a nice clean modern look. The example photo here is installed in the reception lobby. I call it “Reflecting Skyline” an iconic Rochester view taken at the time of the International Canal Festival. The finished work is 22 x 76-inches. This style was used for seven of the 22 photos that were installed. Jason finished the installation this afternoon and we are all pleased with how everything looks in place. I plan to do more of this “face-mount” style with my exhibits at Image City. I have made photos with this style as large as 36×72-inches for other clients.
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