Size Matters: AluminArte Metal Prints

For the last six months, I have been producing some photographs using a new material, AluminArte Metal Prints. The image is transferred to a very high gloss, white finish coated on an aluminum sheet that really looks fantastic with every print I have made. I showed a couple of examples recently to a designer and client and they chose it for a large center piece photograph. Measuring 40×72-inches it holds incredible detail at very close inspection, colors are brilliant. The snapshot of me holding up the large print was taken right after we uncrated it. The snapshot doesn’t do the print justice. I really love this material and suspect that it will be popular when the budget allows. The photograph is Solstice Sunset 2010 taken at Braddock Bay, Greece, NY with a very interesting cloud pattern and reflection off of the bay. I will feature the photo in a future article.

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