Sales Success: Four Large Prints – Professional Building

Late last year I met with the interior designer and client who were redoing the entrance area at a professional building at Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY. They had preselected images from my website portfolios and we quickly settled on having four large photographs for the space. Three were with the new AluminArte Metal Print material and the fourth was a print face-mounted to acrylic. They selected Solstice Sunset 2010, the photograph from the previous blog, a Letchworth Park Sunrise, and a waterfall Double Drop Falls. The snapshot is of the three AluminArte photos on the second floor.  Again, it demonstrates that open spaces need large prints. The 40×72-inch photo in the stairwell would not have been as impressive if it had been printed smaller and it was certainly a good guidance from the interior designer when she envisioned the final appearance.

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