Photo Review: Solstice Sunset 2010

In a previous article I showed the Summer Solstice 2010 photograph as an example print for the AluminArte Metal Print and to demonstrate the advantage of large prints in public open spaces.  The photo is now part of my “Summer Solstice” series. Taken the first day of summer 2010 at Braddock Bay, in the Town of Greece, the photo shoot was my backup location to get my photo for the day. I was very fortunate. Shortly after I arrived at the small public park on the bay I could see the interesting cloud formation developing. Over the next 45 minutes it played out brilliantly. With calm water reflections and a setting sun, the cotton-ball clouds added both novelty and beauty. I took the shot from a low vantage point to engage the foreground. I like the blending of the earth, water, and sky — essentially equally balanced for interest. The warmth of the sunset, which I had hoped would be more intense, actually strikes a nice, modest balance to the blues of the bay and the beginning of dusk. I got some other shots that I like and will eventually post that were taken from a quick stroll along the shore to the marina a back while the sun dropped to the horizon. I have had two very successful times at Braddock Bay, check out my Rippled Shadows series of photographs at the link.

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