Photo Review: Solstice Sunset 2010 #2

After shooting the panorama shown in the previous article I walked along the shore to a dock and set up for Solstice Sunset 2010 #2. Substititing the man-made dock for the natural trees and foliage in the previous gives a very different mood. The “rule” about avoiding the centering of a key element, the sun, in the photograph is clearly broken, but I think the other elements and the width of the photo let us tolerate the centering. There also appears to be a balance to the image with the two elliptical formations of clouds and their reflections while the dock appears to be the fulcrum. The leading lines of a dock jutting out into a lake is a fairly common composition. I plan to exhibit both Solstice Sunset 2010 and Solstice Sunset 2010 #2 in the next exhibit at Image City starting February 23. They will be AluminArte Metal Prints, 20 by 44-inches in size.

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