Photo Review: Summer Solstice 2009

In the article a few days ago I premiered the photograph Solstice Sunset by the Genesee that was taken earlier in the evening than this photograph. I originally titled this photo Summer Solstice 2009 and the scene is between the Col. Patrick O’Rorke bridge and Genesee River outlet at Lake Ontario. It is another blended photograph with 55 exposures in total. I was pleased with this photograph with how the warmth of the artificial light contrasted with the dramatic blue of the ambient light after sunset. The challenge with this photograph is the railing on the right side. I like to try to keep bridge shots with the land on either side showing. That meant I also needed to include the railing in the shot. I wanted to try to get on the “outside” of the railing so that it was not so obvious. There was no way I could position a tripod with that “outside” perspective. I decided to “give it a shot” by physically hanging over the railing with my upper body. I needed to shoot the five exposure bracket series to manage the dynamic range, so I cranked the ISO up to 5000 and relied on the rapid burst rate of exposure to give a quick exposure series without too much physical movement. I used a fixed 50mm lens at f/4. I was pleased that the multiple exposure series merged together very well with only some minor clean-up needed in Photoshop. I also used the “despeckle” filter to clean up a bit of the noise. I was pleased when developing the image to see how well it worked and how steady I could be hanging on my belly (software alignment capability certainly helped).

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