Photo Premier: Rochester Summer Classic

This photo was taken on September 19, 2010 just before the Rochester International Canal Conference Flotilla on the Genesee River. More on that in future articles. I shot a ton of photos and panoramic shots that day because of so much boating action on the river. I hope to entice VisitRochester to make use of them. Before the boats’ parade, the river was calm and a classic Rochester cloud cover was breaking. The calm water and some image merging produced a great natural mirror of the Rochester skyline. Unfortunately, the wind kicked up a bit when the boats hit the waters so those photos look very different. This photo shot at 200mm from the Ford Street Bridge, the classic perch, is one of several that I shot under these conditions and I have additional versions at 105, 145, and 400mm. The series takes us through a range where there is a very wide view of most all of the river bank to a telephoto where the Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Bridge is a dominant element of the shot. I haven’t printed this one yet. I think a large AluminArte Metal Print would be pretty awesome. To keep all of the numerous photographs straight I will need to resort to a mundane title Rochester Skyline DSC6665.  When I exhibit it, perhaps I’ll be more title creative.

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