February 2011 Image City Photography Gallery Exhibit

As one of the partners of Image City Photography Gallery we exhibit our work during most all of the 13 exhibits we have each year. Born in 2005 and with dedicated, passionate partners, guest photographers, artists-in-residence and patrons, Image City is one of the anchors in what has become the “Neighborhood of the Arts” in Rochester. The current show is titled Peter’s Picks 2008-2009: A Retrospective. In addition to exhibiting many fine photographs, the show is also a tribute to Peter Marr, a fantastic nature photographer, who takes time in each of our shows to pick his favorites and composes very interesting and insightful comments about what he likes. For this blog I don’t plan on going into a lot of detail for each show because that is communicated by the Gallery announcements and the newsletter. Make a point of signing up for the email list at the Image City Website. The exhibit runs through March 20.

I do plan on periodically describing the photographs that I am exhibiting and in the current show there are three. I have mentioned two of them in previous articles: Rochester’s Delight my “best selling” photograph of the Frederick Douglass – Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge with Rochester Skyline was one of the “Peter’s Picks” from 2009 and Solstice Sunset 2010 #2 the photo taken at sunset on Braddock Bay. The third photograph that I have not reviewed is Summer Solstice 2010, a photograph of the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse in Charlotte, a Rochester suburb. I have photographed the lighthouse numerous times and decided that I wanted to have one be part of my summer solstice series. In the early morning dawn, the sunrise looked like it would be pretty ordinary and then a wonderful set of clouds rolled in. I could not have choreographed it any better. It was an exceptional day because the sunset at Braddock Bay was equally pleasing. All three photographs are produced on the AluminArte Metal Print, printed large at 20-inches by up to 46-inches for the widest two panoramas.

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