Photo Premier: Canandaigua Pier

A group of us were seeking a sunrise on the city pier in Canandaigua, NY on Oct 15, 2010. With a persistent overcast we walked around looking for other opportunities. This photograph that I call Canandaigua Pier captures the oft-photographed boathouses as well as the traffic turnaround at the end of the pier. Knowing how often the boathouses have been photographed, I was looking for something a bit different and decided to try the inclusion of the traffic turnaround and the pedestrian walkways. By also having a bit of Canandaigua Lake with the opposite shoreline it comes together to put the boathouse and pier in place. The wide angle sweeps with the multiple leading lines including the curb, masonry and concrete barrier also a. I was pleased when it was picked to be included in the Beginnings exhibit that is now at The Finger Lakes Gallery and Frame in Canandaigua where the first printing of the photograph is on display.

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