Photo Premier: Red Dawn

On numerous occasions I have been to this locationĀ at Letchworth State Park, often with Gary Thompson’s Continuing Education Course at Rush-Henrietta High School. This Great Bend region has much to offer with variations in the sky, clouds, foliage or fog in the valley. Each visit has given me a new opportunity to discover a new composition. With this photograph, that I call “Red Dawn”, the brilliance of the light catching the red oak leaves enhanced the sunrise. The image had some lens flair that required considerable Photoshop work to clean it up while leaving the sunbeams. Usually when I photograph here I feature the rock formation across the river. In this case I composed it so that the trees were in the foreground obscurring a portion of the rock formation. I have printed the photograph on canvas and some may find the saturation a bit over done, however, I like the brilliance of the color in the early morning light. The photograph is currently part of my exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery. It is also available at the Finger Lakes Framing and Gallery in Canandaigua.
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