Sales Success: Letchworth Sunrise

I am looking forward to Fall this year, hoping to have a chance to get out more with the camera. Seems like I haven’t been out at all for a long time. Fall in Western New York is filled with opportunites and I hope to snag a few this year. Today I got a purchase order from a local law office at Linden Oaks for this image I call Letchworth Sunrise.  Taken on one of Gary Thompson’s field trips to Letchworth State Park at the early morning when the Genesee River Gorge is thick with fog and we can get above it to see the sun dancing on top of the fog bank. The sun is brilliant, reflecting on the leaves and the photo is also pleasing with the clouds modulating the spread of the sunrise. After trying several vantage points that are also pleasing, I have settled on this one to feature.  It will look great in the office framed up from the 18×36″ print.

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