Sales Success: Banners for Websites

One of the nice features of panoramic images is that they work very well for banners when incorporated into the headers of webpages or directly in the layout of the webpage. Periodically I am asked by web-designers about the use of one of my Rochester images for that use. When it is a non-for-profit organization, it often comes with request asking if it can be a contribution on my part. I have seen discussions where artists feel they should value their work and resist giving it for free. Yet, I find that I am usually open to giving it and have in each case been able to suggest that a photocredit and link to my website is arguably a reasonable trade. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the web designer who was redesigning for Irondequoit Ambulance . He wanted to use my Summer Solstice 2008 image of the beacon light at the outlet of Irondequoit Bay, which he felt was a perfect match for his design.  I think he was right and he produced an eyecatching homepage. Whenever I donate the image in this way, I furnish a “no charge” invoice and a brief license stating the image is furnished for the single, one-time use described for the website and organization using the image.

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