Photo Premiere: Solstice Sunset by the Genesee

When I post a newly produced image I’ll call it a “Photo Premiere”.  Beyond the image capture, each photograph that I produce requires a selection of a preferred composition and then developing the image with current techniques that can involve considerable time invested in the image. It slowly evolves as the various stages of development are completed with a goal of looking ahead to  a decision on whether it will be printed. Now I will have an additional goal of posting it here.

This first premiere is from an event from a couple of years ago. This photograph is a part of a series — I’ll describe my “Summer Solstice Series” in a future article. Taken from an observation deck where the old Stutson Street bridge was located, we have a full view of the outlet of the Genesee River into Lake Ontario and the Col. Patrick O’Rorke Bridge. I couldn’t position my tripod being bothered by the railing, so I shot it hand-held bracing myself with the railing. With 11 images in the pan and a bracket series on each, there are 55 exposures in the blended image. The photo is one from several panoramas that I took at sundown on the first day of summer 2009. It turned out to be a “discovery” while I was looking through some past files. I had completely forgotten about it and it was a very pleasant surprise. The shot that I previously worked up and have printed, titled Summer Solstice 2009, was taken later in the evening when the sky was a dark blue and all of the street lights were on. This panorama will make prints 12×60-inches or 20×100-inches. I am looking forward to making a print and adding it to the portfolio. The tentative title is Solstice Sunset by the Genesee.

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