New Exhibit at Arts and Cultural Council of Greater Rochester including “Katsura 2013″

Vincent-Highland Katsura 2013This photograph that I have titled “Katsura” has been selected to be part of the 2013 Member’s exhibit at the Arts & Cultural Council for Great Rochester. It was my first time having been selected to participate in the member’s show.  The opening reception was Last night and it was a great time. The print in the show is an AluminArte® metal print. I had a lot of comments about the photo and some potential interest for purchases. Several people have told me that they know the tree and over the years have enjoyed it, although this wide angle perspective caused them to see it in a different way. There is both an artistic and sentimental sense with the image, because they have enjoyed visiting Highland Park and the tree during the Lilac Festival. Two people have called the tree the “bouncy” tree because their children have sat on the branches and caused it to bounce. The photo in the exhibit is 20×40-inches. For an exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery in September, I will exhibit the photo in a larger 26×72-inch size. I am looking forward to reactions with the photo in that size.
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