Sales Success: Local Law Office

Vincent-Law-Office-Canvas Example

For the last couple of months I have been working on a project with the client, Hiscock and Barclay LLP, a law firm that have recently undergone a major renovation to their offices in the HSBC Building. We had a good time undertaking the selection and logistics in the production of 22 photographs for their reception lobbies and conference rooms – local Rochester scenes, especially of our beautiful parks. Sizes ranged from 20×30-in to 32×74-in with four framing styles: conventional matte and frame, face-mounted plexi, canvas, and AluminArte prints. We installed most of them today and will complete the task on Friday working with Jason at Frameworks of Rochester who made the secure installs. The sale is through Image City. I am pleased with how it is turning out, here is a photo of the largest canvas. I will post some other examples following.


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Photo Premiere: Sunrise at Rochester’s Viet Nam War Memorial

Vincent-Sunrise-Rochester VietNam War MemorialTaken last Friday at sunrise before the crowds arrived for the Lilac Festival — Rochester’s Viet Nam War Memorial. I often wonder about how different my life would have been if I had a low lottery number for the draft.

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Sharing a Facebook Post by The Friends of the Greece Library

Vincent-BookmarksSheridan Vincent just brought us more Rochester bookmarks, still priced at 50¢ each. Newest scene is our Charlotte lighthouse, and it is beautiful. When you buy some, tell the volunteer that you saw this on Facebook!

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Invitation photo for The Genesee-Charlotte Lighthouse Gala Annual Luncheon

Vincent-Lighthouse Luncheon


The lighthouse is using a photo that I took last year (part of a wider panorama) and is now available as both tiles and postcards at their gift shop. They are also using it for an invitation for their Annual Gala Luncheon.

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Looking forward to Lilacs this Spring!

Vincent-Highland Park Lilacs 2013

I just changed from a winter FaceBook cover photo to one for Spring. Maybe it will help chase winter away. This one taken at Highland Park last year on May 6, cherry blossoms, I assume? Why does May still seem so far away? It using a style that I would like to use in a series “under trees”.

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Photo Premiere: Highland Katsura Tree — Early Fall


Finally getting a chance to work up some pans from last fall, here is the Highland Park Katsura tree, continuing a developing series through the seasons. Shot in “Early Fall”, this version has a bit more foreground with the beginnings of a leafy ground cover and an overall warmer tone with the turning leaves compared to the one I shot last Spring, which I plan to exhibit as a traditional matted and framed print in the next show at Image City Photography Gallery later this month.

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Sales Success: “Warm Lights, Cool City”


With a recycle of this image here, “Warm Lights, Cool City” has had some recent successes with three recent holiday sales as large canvas photographs and another as a photo presentation gift. It was a bit odd to see independent attractions to an oldie but goodie. Then today I found it on the book jacket of the just published ROCViews book of panoramas published from submitted photos to the Democrat and Chronicle. The book is exceptionally well done with numerous fine photos by talented Facebook friends and others. Panoramas Rock! Well done to all involved!
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Sales Success: Images for Large Murals, The Mall at Greece Ridge


With new building and renovation and the addition of new shops and restaurants at The Mall at Greece Ridge they are also doing a very interesting project with photographs in the concourses of The Mall. Several of my photographs were selected including these two, one of Niagara Falls and another at Braddock Bay. These two measure 13×50-feet. Installation is underway and I will have several others. Mall walkers and shoppers are already doing more “looking up”! The installation is on the east side where there is a children’s playground at the intersection of two concourses. I suspect there will eventually also be some improvement to the lighting as the project and construction progresses.


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New Exhibit at Arts and Cultural Council of Greater Rochester including “Katsura 2013″

Vincent-Highland Katsura 2013This photograph that I have titled “Katsura” has been selected to be part of the 2013 Member’s exhibit at the Arts & Cultural Council for Great Rochester. It was my first time having been selected to participate in the member’s show.  The opening reception was Last night and it was a great time. The print in the show is an AluminArte® metal print. I had a lot of comments about the photo and some potential interest for purchases. Several people have told me that they know the tree and over the years have enjoyed it, although this wide angle perspective caused them to see it in a different way. There is both an artistic and sentimental sense with the image, because they have enjoyed visiting Highland Park and the tree during the Lilac Festival. Two people have called the tree the “bouncy” tree because their children have sat on the branches and caused it to bounce. The photo in the exhibit is 20×40-inches. For an exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery in September, I will exhibit the photo in a larger 26×72-inch size. I am looking forward to reactions with the photo in that size.
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Photo Premiere: Solstice Sunrise 2013

Vincent-Solstice Sunrise 2013Another of this year’s photos for my Summer Solstice series is the beach on Lake Ontario near Braddock Bay. “Solstice Sunrise 2013” will be one of two photos that I will have in the next exhibit at Image City that starts this coming Wednesday. The featured exhibit, “Portfolio Showcase 2013” will show 8 portfolios by 8 very talented photographers selected for the juried show. More details early next week.

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Photo Premiere: “Spring Shadows”

Vincent-Spring-ShadowsThe new exhibit opening tomorrow at Image City is “4 Cities, 4 Wallaces”. A new canvas photo in my part is “Spring Shadows” taken Spring 2012 at Linwood Gardens. I fussed with this one a fair bit to balance the sun and the shadows. Opening Reception is this coming Friday, 5:00 – 8:30, details and preview of the show is at

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Photo Premiere: Solstice Dawn 2013

Vincent-Solstice Dawn 2013For the last 9 years I have made a special effort to get out on the first day of summer with the camera in what is now a “Summer Solstice” series. Just finding some time to begin working up images from the day, here is the first — “Solstice Dawn 2013”. I found a very calm day at Braddock Bay, here in Greece. Shooting the piers was not part of my plan, but I couldn’t pass up what I first saw on my way to the beach. Click on the photo if you don’t see the full width for the 180 degree pano.

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