Current Exhibit at Image City: “Charlotte Beach”

One of the my photos in the current exhibit at Image City is this from some years ago, “Charlotte Beach”. I have printed it on a new material I am experimenting with. It wraps like canvas, but hold the print detail better. I’ll appreciate any feedback, if you have a chance to see it. The last few years they have had some yellow plastic rescue boats at the beach that are not very photogenic.Vincent-Charlotte Beach

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Photo Premiere: Seneca Park Pond


Monday we will be installing the next exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery — Peter’s Picks 2011: A Retrospective. It features great work of 36 photographers that was selected by the Gallery and Peter Marr from shows in 2011 as well as… the work by guests and partners. It all starts Wednesday. I will be exibiting “Seneca Park” taken this past fall. I am experimenting with a new print material and like the look of it!
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Waiting for Spring published in Democrat and Chronicle

Vincent-Waiting on SpringThe Democrat and Chronicle selected my panorama “Waiting for Spring” for the masthead of today’s ROCNews section. I took it a couple of weeks ago at Frontier Field, a winter day, anticipating spring. It is fun each to to check out the paper to see whose photo they have selected.

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Sales Success: Rochester’s Delight 2012

I had a request from a client for a photograph for a Christmas gift of the photo “Rochester’s Delight 2012″. Her vision was of a large black-and-white triptych. I printed it on canvas with a float mount. Here is how it looks at 36×72-in at the residence. It worked out well and everyone is pleased.Vincent-RochDelight-inPlace

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Sales Success: “Reflecting Skyline”

Vincent-Skyline from Ford

This photo has sold three times recently at moderate to large size; twice for gifts before Christmas selected from my website and once the other day at Image City. It was taken during the Canal Conference a year or so ago. Most of the boats had gone by when the wind calmed and the water mirrored. Recently I lightened the clouds over the skyline giving it a brighter, optimistic look. I am printing it on a metallic inkjet paper and it really pops!

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Photo Premier: “Winter Waiting on Spring” – Frontier Field

A combination of reasonably fresh snow and some blue sky was a bit of a magnet for me on Sunday to finally get out again with the camera. There is only a couple of inches of snow on Frontier Field where I peeked in one of the gates to pan this shot. “Winter waiting for Spring”Vincent - Frontier Field Winter

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Currently @ Image City

Vincent-Stony Brook

I recently printed an oldy but goody taken a few years back at Stony Brook Park and now have it in the current “The Big Picture” exhibit at Image City that opens today. Printed on canvas, I have changed the presentation style a bit by wrapping the canvas on a thinner stretcher frame and then adding a backing so that it floats on the wall. The print is 20×40-in. I like the way it turned out.

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Sales Success: “Rochester’s Delight 2012″ as a Large Window Mural

Vincent-photo-Window Pan

I recently had a sale of an image file to a design firm in Chicago. The photo taken last summer is of the Fredrick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Bridge. The request was for a black-and-white version. Today the client sent along a photo of the installed photo. It is at a company at the Meridian Center in Rochester, NY. It was printed on a transparent material with a “mesh” so that you can still see through the window that separates two rooms, one a common employee break and utility room. I like the way it looks!

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Premier: Willow on Durand Lake

Vincent-Durand Lake Willow

I guess I am still clutching to fall and catching up stitching some pans. This one taken wide with 14mm is under a large willow tree along the bank of Durand Lake and Lake Road in Durand Eastman Park. Standing under the canopy of a willow or beech tree often reminds me of a calm feeling when, as a small kid, I built tents from blankets in the living room, reserving a small quiet space from the world.

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Photo Premier: Honeoye Lake – Fall Colors

Vincent-Harriet Holister SpencerThis photo from last Fall shows Honeoye Lake from the vantage point of Harriet Hollister Spencer Park. On this clear day we can see the tall buildings in Rochester, 40 miles or so to the north, adequately captured when zoomed in on the high-res image file. I think I will name the photo “Shadows in the Valley.”

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“Warm Lights, Cool City”

Best Wishes for 2013!! Recycling this photo, I call “Warm Lights, Cool City” taken at a winter sunset. It was selected for a panorama for January in the Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper 2013 Calendar. They are dismantling the Beebe Station smokestack, so the skyline changes again. I have printed this both on canvas as wide as 8-ft and on Metallic Paper. It looks great in both canvas and metallic as well as AluminArte.Vincent-Warm-Lights-Cool-City

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Photo Premiere: Winter Solstice 2012

I took this photo last week before the snows. It is an addition to my Solstice Series taken just below the Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Bridge featuring both the Rochester Skyline and the undercarriage of the bridge.  A rainy first day of winter gave some nice reflection. One nice feture of wide panoramas is that they can effectively be split into individual photos, the skyline and walkway on its own for instance. There are several more from that night to work up for Winter Solstice 2012.Vincent-Winter Solstice 2012

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